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Indiana Regional PET

Indiana Regional PET Diagnostic Imagaing is located in Merriville, IN. Our State-of-the-Art Equipment allows us to specialize in CT and PET/CT scans.

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Our Technology

Indiana Regional PET is pleased to announce the installation of the new Siemens TruePoint PET – CT. This machine offers numerous improvements in molecular imaging. By enlarging the field of view of the PET scanner, 78% more photons can now be detected for each patient position. TruePoint PET – CT imaging thus opens up new capabilities in molecular imaging.

A third of the patient’s body volume can now be acquired at the same time, resulting in fewer individual images and a marked reduction in the time required for whole body imaging. At the same time, the radiation dose is reduced by 50%. Less patient repositioning is needed, which means fewer movement artifacts are produced, enhancing both comfort and image quality.

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